Our Professional Learning Community's Journey



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Professional Learning Communities


On the tabs to the side, you will find  Action Research Plan, Vision/Mission/Goals, Common Planning Time, PLC/RTI, S.M.A.R.T. Goals, Building Goals, Data Dashboards, Classroom Mission Statements, Student Leadership Notebooks,  as well as downloadable .pdfs and PowerPoints. This is how we got started........Staff development began with a book study. Teachers were assigned different chapters in the book, Whatever It Takes: How Professional Learning Communities Respond When Kids Don’t Learn. The jigsaw method was utilized when sharing important details from each chapter. Authors, Dufour, DuFour, Eaker and Kargabek (2010) suggested a framework that builds high performing teams that focus on improved student learning. The book study revealed three important themes: (a) the school’s vision, mission and goals, (b) independent teams work to achieve common goals, and (c) results are analyzed and revisited for continuous improvement. By utilizing this model, the Pleasant Elementary staff plans collaboratively rather than in isolation for improved student learning.