PLC Common Plan Time




Developing grade level collaborative teams whose focus should be: (a) data collection and analysis, (b) planning and pacing instructional strategies, (c) intervention, (d) enrichment, and (e) aligned professional development became an important piece in our mission of educating all students to their highest social, emotional, and academic potentials. According to the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), guidelines for leading learning communities include “Principals who support the learning of adults in their school, organize teachers’ schedules to provide opportunities for teachers to work, plan and think together” (2018)

For the educators looking at this page, I loaded the 2018-19 schedule on this page for you to view. This year, we have 5 classes in most grade levels to rotate in 4 specials. We divided the 5th class into 4 smaller groups that rotated to specials with other grade level homerooms. This way all 5-grade level teachers could meet and plan as a PLC.