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My Sidewalks on Reading Street

My Sidewalks is a research-based, intensive reading intervention program. It is designed for students who are unable to read and comprehend grade-level material and who are unable to benefit adequately from the strategic intervention that supports their core classroom reading instruction. My Sidewalks should be used along with a scientifically research-based comprehensive classroom reading program.

My Sidewalks on Scott Foresman Reading Street: Intensive Reading Intervention is an intensive reading intervention program that accelerates the reading development of struggling students. It aligns instruction perfectly with Scott Foresman Reading Street (your child’s homeroom program), but can be used with any core classroom reading program. My Sidewalks accelerates reading through: 30 weeks of reading intervention, 30 minutes every day; emphasis on deep meaning of vocabulary and concepts; and highly specified instruction so you teach less, more thoroughly.

Information taken from: pearsonschool.com