School and Family Compact

Below is a copy of our School and Family Compact. All Title I parents, students, and teachers are required to sign off on and do their best to abide by the compact.

Pleasant Elementary

School-Family Compact

The purpose of the SCHOOL-PARENT COMPACT found in Section 1118 of Public Law 103-382, is to build and foster the development of a school-parent partnership to help all children achieve the State’s Standards. The parents, the child, and the teachers will share responsibility for improved student achievement.

It is the school’s responsibility to provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective environment that enables the children to meet the State’s Student Performance Standards. Each parent is responsible for supporting their child’s learning, such as monitoring attendance, homework completion, and television watching; volunteering in their child’s classroom; and participating, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of their children and positive use of extracurricular time.


The entire staff of Pleasant Elementary School will share responsibility for improved student achievement. I agree that I will be responsible in the following ways:

__X__ Providing a high quality curriculum that enables the child to meet state performance standards.

__X__ Notifying parents of changes effecting achievement, grades, or behavior.

__X__ Providing communication between parents and teachers.

__X__ Being available to students, parents, and staff

__X__ Encouraging all students

__X__ Reporting children’s progress

__X__ Participating in conferences

__X__ Providing structured and clear limits for learning

(signature of teacher)(date)

*Please see back for parent and student list


Communication between teachers and parents is important. As a parent or adult who has responsibility for the child, I will attend at least one parent-teacher conference. I will read each progress report and talk to my child about the progress. I understand that I will have reasonable access to my child’s teachers and opportunities to observe and/or participate in my child’s classroom activities.

I, ___________________________, agree to Title 1 Service for my child and that I will be responsible for supporting the learning of my child in the following ways:

_____ Seeing that my child attends school regularly

_____ Establishing a time and place for studying and homework

_____ Verifying that nightly homework and reading is done

_____ Reading and discussing progress reports with my child

_____ Praising my child for progress and setting goals for improvement

_____ Supporting the school in its efforts to maintain proper discipline

_____ Participating in scheduled conferences

(signature of parent/guardian)(date)


I, ___________________________, agree that I will be responsible for improving my achievement in the following ways:

_____ Coming to class prepared and ready to learn

_____ Participating in class

_____ Listening in class

_____ Asking questions when I need help

_____ Taking time for daily Reading Center homework

_____ Following class rules and conduct

(signature of child/student)(date)